Introducing SJ Pullen

Introducing S J Pullen, a new poet who loves exploring styles to bring a light-hearted take into current affairs, explore and help ease pain through poetry and bring laughter and light into the world whilst doing so.

Poetry for the Present

‘Poetry for the Present: Short Poems for the Gift in Each Day, is Sue’s first published poetry book. It’s a collection of poetry that is inspired largely by  friends and family experiences and current affairs.

Whilst some of the poems are simply fun, this collection acknowledges life has times of pain for many of us.

This collection of poems looks to the positive gift we all have around us in life. Which if we grab and hold onto can see us through the tough times and give us the resiliency needed to not only survive, but thrive, in the future.

Sue Pullen Author of Poetry for the Present

”We Are All Made Of Stories”

Sue has a passion for equality, and believes everyone is just trying to make the best of life; for themselves and the ones they love.

Her work ethic is driven by the need to share our visions; work with integrity and authenticity; share our success and our values with others : this world will be much more beautiful for it. There are many people who have contributed to the journey of this book’s completion and this is reflected in its style.


Sue writes about:

  • Poems about health and wellness
  • Nature poems
  • Friends and family poems
  • Gratitude poems
  • Poems for challenging times
  • Love poems
  • Poetry for pain management
  • Pet poems
  • Poetry for the current times
  • Parody songs
  • Guest Poet Section

Sue and her publishing team hope you enjoy this short poetry collection. 

SJ Pullen