Poetry for the Present

Short Poems for the Gift in Each Day

‘Poetry for the Present: Short Poems for the Gift in Each Day, is Sue’s first published poetry book.

It’s a collection of poetry that has largely been taken from personal experience, and that of her friends and family’s experiences, or current affairs for inspiration. Sue is also driven to ensure fairness and equality in all things and writes poetry to reflect this too.

Some of the poems are simply fun! We do hope you sing the sea shanty, at least in your head if not aloud. It is especially fun to sing in the shower! 

However, life for many of us has times of pain. This collection acknowledges this but looks to the positive gift we all have around us in life. Sue believes if we grab and hold onto each positive moment, it can see us through the tough times and give us the resiliency needed to not only survive, but thrive, in the future.

Sue and her publishing team hope you enjoy this short poetry collection. 

Poetry for the present Includes poems about:

Health and Wellness and Pain Management
Love, Friends and Family
Nature and Places
Fun Poems and Parody Songs
Guest Poets

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Poetry For The Present: The Author